Coba Classic: Clear Quartz Point
Coba Classic: Clear Quartz Point
Coba Classic: Clear Quartz Point

Coba Classic: Clear Quartz Point

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Quartz Crystal asks us to examine our guidance and seek clarity.

Find your clarity with a clear quartz point from Avant Mining in Arkansas, USA. It asks the questions:

  • Where do I turn when I seek guidance? Do I seek answers externally or internally?
  • What practice, influences and environments help me experience insights?
  • How do I maintain focus on my visions?

Quartz is used in many objects you might use daily, from watches to cellphones to tv screens, and is prized for its ability to record and store information. It has a quality of being able to change electrical energy to mechanical energy and vice versa with very little energy lost in the transfer, which is why it is prized for timekeeping. (Remember quartz watches?) This quartz grew in the earth 50 million years ago, so it's superpowering is remembering!

Tell this quartz your biggest dreams, place it somewhere where you will see it often, and let it help you bring those dreams into reality.

These quartz points are hand-mined from a specific area called "the Vortex pocket" and are estimated to be 50 million years old. Please note each point has the natural rough end and has not been cut, treated or altered in any way.

 Avant crystals are known as the world-standard in clear quartz crystals with a clarity, gemmy quality even nearby mines have been unable to replicate. Avant mine quartz have been featured in museums and private collections and now are available here.

Small: 40 grams
Medium: 50-60 grams
Large: 70-80 grams
XLarge: 90-100 grams

Read more about Avant Mining on our Coba Crystals Partners page here