Clear Quartz Crystal Meditation Set
Clear Quartz Crystal Meditation Set
Clear Quartz Crystal Meditation Set

Clear Quartz Crystal Meditation Set

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Matched pairs of palm-sized quartz crystal. Hold one in each hand and feel the frequencies calibrate between them and in you.

  • Optical quality quartz
  • Formed together and harvested from the Ouchita Mountains of Arkansas, USA
  • 50 Million years old


As you hold these palm-sized crystals in each hand, it will help you calibrate your own feminine, masculine and central energies, clear your blocks and make your way in the world with greater integration.

S: Two (2) crystals between 20-40g
M: Two (2) crystals between 40-60g

Sourcing Partner: Avant Mining in Arkansas, USA

These quartz points are hand-mined from the Vortex pocket and are estimated to be 50 million years old. Please note each point has the natural rough end and has not been cut, treated or altered in any way.

 Avant crystals are known as the world-standard in clear quartz crystals with a clarity, gemmy quality even nearby mines have been unable to replicate. Avant mine quartz have been featured in museums and private collections and now are available here.

Read more about Avant Mining on our Partners Page

Community Partner: Don't Shoot PDX

15% of the profits from this collection are shared with Don't Shoot PDX, a black-led community civil rights organization in our HQ community of Portland, Oregon.