Breathwork for Clarity

Breathwork is a guided meditation with active breathing that helps you connect to your body, move stagnant energy and work through blocks, often without translating them into words.




FREE-$22.00 per person


1h 15min

About this experience

The very first thing we do in life is inhale, take a breath. And the very last thing we will do is to exhale, release a breath. Using the simple and natural act of breathing, the calming sounds of crystal sound bowls, and aided by tools including raw crystals, we can alter our perceptions, shift from a mental-based awareness to bodily awareness and release physical blocks. This 90-minute meditation includes a portion of active breathing followed by a period of rest and meditation techniques to tune into the vast intelligence of our own bodies and the natural world.

This session will take place online over Zoom.
Please have a comfortable and safe space where you can lie down fully and not be disturbed for the hour. You may want a blanket or shawl to cover yourself and an eyeshade or covering if it is light. Make sure your head is flat an on the same surface as your back, so your neck and throat can be relaxed and fully open (not propped up on a pillow).

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