Mission + Vision + Values

We envision a world of healthy and happy inhabitants, who honor their own power and the vitality of life in all things - from planets to plants and creatures to crystals - to live in harmony and connection with ourselves, each other and the world around us.


  • We believe feeling connected to our inner selves is a source of incredible personal power.
    That feeling connected to the natural world we are a part of, not simply living in, is intrinsic to alleviating our current health, mental and environmental crises.
    That feeling connected to other humans is the root of joy, happiness and fulfillment.
    Our company name, Coba, even means "connection" in the Marshallese language. Connection - to our selves, each other and the world we are a part of - is essential.


  • Trust is essential to all transactions. And trust is built on transparency. We share the names and stories of all the producers we work with: Crystal miners, distributors, even our packaging vendors. We think our partners are pretty special and love telling their stories to share them with the world!


  • We aspire to be fair, respectful and honorable in our interactions. This is evident in our pursuit of transparency in sourcing, in respect and partnership with underserved communities and cultures. It is why we believe not just in buying from vendors that pay living wages and treat others fairly, but also in being generous to the planet and living in accordance with her. We have a goal to be carbon neutral within our first year of operations, to eco-friendly packaging and to sharing profits with the communities that harvest the products we share. Plus, if you're visit us in person, we just may shower you with endless cups of tea and homemade (gf) cookies!


  • We are grateful to be here, to be doing this work, and to be with you right now. We are grateful for you, for the beautiful crystals this magnificent planet creates, for the time and geology that brings them to the surface. And we are grateful to the people who harvest, transport, and bring them to you. Grateful for each of us for being, and for playing the roles we each do. All are in service of the greater good, the collective, and great nature.