Mission + Values

Coba creates tools and experiences to connect to ourselves, the planet, and each other. 

Pursue Happiness

We pursue the deep, abiding joy that is present when all beings are safe, free from suffering, and happy. Joy that stems from a connection to the collective bigger than ourselves. And that can only be present when injustice is not. We are an antiracist company, actively working towards racial justice, social justice and economic justice.

Transparency is Currency

We source sustainably and share our supply chain, and the stories of our producer-partners. We believe that transparency is a radical act. A powerful one. And a necessary one to change systems of exploitation, as well as a joyful one that can be full of beautiful and inspiring stories. We honor our supply chain as sacred.


We center ourselves in community, hold ourselves accountable to our clients, producers, partners, staff, communities and the earth. We have a goal to be carbon neutral within our first year of operations, to eco-friendly packaging and to sharing profits with the communities that harvest and create the products we share.

Gratitude & Generosity

We’re here to do good. And do it better. We share generously - share our voices, our spaces, our impact, as we work towards a better world.
A healthy dose of Irreverence
We are here for the silliness in spirituality, putting a healthy dose of irreverence in our reverence and the sacred in our silliness every day.