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Coba Crystals Partners

Avant Mining

The Ouchita Mountains of Arkansas are homes some of the finest quartz in the world, and Avant Mining owns some of the mines that have produced the best specimens in the region. These are crystal clear, sometimes optical quality quartz. 

A vein of quartz crystals shown in their natural formation in a dirt wall at Avant Mining, Arkansas, USA. Ethical and sustainable crystals.

Mine owner James Zigras says that the mine was originally opened in 1944 to produce oscillator quartz critical to the war effort. Post-war, operations were suspended until Avant Mining reopened it in 2014. Avant is currently mining "two pockets which are the largest finds of high quality “rock crystal” quartz ever documented. Avant Mining has become the largest quartz crystal mining company in the world with over 11,400 acres of land and 20 crystal mines in Arkansas."

The Avant team mines by hand and forklift, gently easing each piece from the wall of exposed crystals, power washing and the sharing them with Coba Crystals. By the time they come to you, these crystals have only been handled by 6-8 people at most. The Avant team is so passionate about the work they do! James is one of the foremost crystal specimen collectors in the world, and eager to share his passion for these beautiful crystals with the world. The team that harvest, cleans, classifies and ships the crystals are each artisans in their own rights, making gorgeous crystal jewelry and pendants. These folks live, breathe, and dream about crystals and have a wealth of knowledge and a willingness to share. When you adopt a Coba Crystal from Avant Mining, you know that it has been loved on from the moment it was eased out of the earth's surface.

Coba Crystals visited Avant Mining and observed the operations in 2019.

MINEC is a family operation with two generations working this mid-sized regional distributor. They have a strong community support program, including sponsoring schools in the communities where many of their mines are located. 

Wegner Mines
Wegner Mines is a family-operated quartz mining operation in the Ouchita Mountains of Arkansas. While they mine quartz from their own mines, they also carry stones sourced from around the world. Since we don't have visibility on the sourcing of those stones Coba Crystals has only purchased Arkansas quartz from the Wegner Mines.
They have high environmental standards, including a practice of conserving the water that is used and repatriating the earth that is displaced in the mining process. The farm and homestead is powered by renewable energy with both wind turbines and a solar array onsite.

Ouro Preto
Ouro Prieto is a small, family-operated distributor and prospecting company. The owner and his grandmother often go prospecting into the local rivers together. Ouro Preto is also the name of the town in the region of Minas Gerais, Brazil.