Sessions: Breathwork or Energetic Clearing
Sessions: Breathwork or Energetic Clearing
Sessions: Breathwork or Energetic Clearing
Sessions: Breathwork or Energetic Clearing

Sessions: Breathwork or Energetic Clearing

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I am so glad you are here. Choosing to take steps toward your own healing is one of the most powerful choices we can make in our lives. We all too often forget that we are spiritual beings in physical bodies.

Here, you have your choice of healing types: An Energy Clearing session, during which you can witness and ask questions as I ask your High Self to clear you of limiting programs, bad habits and false beliefs. Or you can choose a Breathwork session, which is a meditation that starts with an active, fast-paced breathing portion followed by a relaxing, soothing return to your self.
You choose! The hands-off approach of an Energy Clearing or dive into your physical connection to your body in the Breathwork session. 

Either way, I look forward to diving in with you!
- Katy May

Energetic Clearing sessions 
Practical and powerful sessions to break old habits, clear unhealthy programs, and reset karmic patterns.

Energetic Clearings are conversational-based sessions. You sit somewhere comfortable, we meet over a video call, and essentially have a conversation with you and your higher self, using a pendulum for guidance. In the course of the conversation, we can investigate spiritual roots for behaviors and patterns, identify and release agreements you may have made that no longer serve you, and reset your personal beliefs to set the course for a clear path ahead of you. This method allows you to heal yourself, and create positive beliefs that will support you in harmony, health, joy and abundance.

These are remote sessions, completed over a video call or in absentia. If you would like to record your session, you have permission to do so. The methodology for these sessions are rooted in Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT).

Breathwork sessions 
Breathwork is a dynamic meditation form that allows you to tune into the innate and powerful wisdom of your body.

Using an active breath, we'll increase the energy in your body, turn down the volume on your monkey-mind and breathe past limiting beliefs holding you back. Each breathwork session is entirely different, so be prepared to be shown exactly what your body and higher self know you need to hear. Breathwork is safe, a space to clear through emotions, and an ancient practice. A resting meditation period to close our session is a chance to revel in your work, honor your healing and set intentions and clarity for your self.

In almost every language in the world, the etymological root of the word "breath" is related to the word "spirit". This practice brings you home to your spirit-self. 

Breathwork sessions are available via remote video calls globally. if you are located in or willing to travel to Portland, Oregon, sessions are also available in-person. Please contact me directly at to arrange.