Yellow Calcite Sets for Crystal Grids and Circles

Yellow Calcite Sets for Crystal Grids and Circles

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Calcite crystal encourages us to expand our mental limitations and let go of preconceived notions. It is a stone that assists us in creating great changes in ourselves and our acceptance of the world around us. 

And we could all use a little help integrating the changed world these days, right?

Yellow Calcite in particular is useful at the navel center and helps us integrate our new perceptions of the world into the material and physical realities. It’s encouraging presence offers these meditations:

▻  I use the higher powers of my mind to create my new reality

▻  I express my expanded spiritual awareness into my creative and business endeavors

▻  I am actively integrating the shifting realities around me.

These Yellow Calcite crystals are a set of 4. The average size is 35g. This set includes a selection of sacred geometry designs for designing your own crystal grid. (PDF format)

This Calcite is from El Paso mine in Northwest Mexico. Read more on our Partners page here.