The Home Set

The Home Set

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The Sanctuary collection contains specific crystals to clear and protect a home, room or workspace. A ritual with guidance for creating a crystal grid, a placement map, and crystal source notes are included.

4 Black Tourmaline segments
6 Selenite bars
1 Smoky Quartz half-tower
1 Clear Quartz point

Black Tourmaline: How do I create safe spaces for my self, my loved ones and in my home?

Selenite: Listen to the guidance from above, like the sounds of the stars and celestial bodies.

Smoky Quartz: Make your house a home, cozy and welcoming.

Clear Quartz: The master stone, clear quartz asks us to dram big and then make our visions into reality.

Gridding a space with crystals can be a calming and protective practice, and help you claim your space. The collection includes cards to guide you on clearing your space, cleansing it and then laying out these crystals in an intuitive way that feels right for you. 

The beautiful tube packaging makes it a great gift and is reusable, recyclable and compostable.