Pryite Set

Pryite Set

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Pyrite is a bright, shiny stone that flashes in the light. It helps us to consider both how we attract luck and prosperity and how we protect ourselves. Use the reflective quality of pyrite to repel undesired energy or attention.

Pyrite can encourage you to consider:

▻  What is my relationship to abundance? To money?
▻  In what ways do I offer myself protection?
▻  What am I creating space for in my life right now?

These sets are great for your grids or laying out in a new office or home!  Note that they are small points, so they are wonderful to carry in your pocket or keep close to you throughout your day.

Large set contains 8 Pyrite pieces
Small sets contains 4 Pyrite pieces

This Pyrite is from El Paso mine in Mexico. Read more about El Paso on our Partners page here