Sanctuary Collection: The Workspace Set
Sanctuary Collection: The Workspace Set

Sanctuary Collection: The Workspace Set

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The Sanctuary collection contains specific crystals to clear and protect a home, room or workspace. A ritual with guidance for creating a crystal grid, a placement map, and crystal source notes are included.

4 Black Tourmaline 
4 Selenite segments
1 Natural Citrine small tower
1 Clear Quartz point

▻ Black Tourmaline reminds you to shield yourself for protection from harm and to ensure you do not cause harm to others.  Turn to Black Tourmaline when you feel alone and overwhelmed, like others are too much of an influence on you, or you are having a hard time accessing your own power.

▻ Selenite encourages us to listen to the guidance from above, like the sounds of the stars and celestial bodies. Through that reconnection to our earthly and celestial landscapes we can participate in our current realities with clarity, generosity, and peace. 


▻ Natural Citrine challenges us to to consider our relationships to abundance, money, and generosity. Keep citrine close when you are rearranging your perspectives on wealth and giving and receiving, which includes earned income and the cycles of gratitude.

▻ Clear Quartz reminds you calibrate to your own feminine, masculine and central energies, clear your blocks and make your way in the world with greater intention and clarity. 

These quartz points are hand-mined from the Vortex pocket and are estimated to be 50 million years old. Please note each point has the natural rough end and has not been cut, treated or altered in any way. 

The beautiful tube packaging makes it a great gift and is reusable, recyclable and compostable.

The clear quartz is sourced from Avant Mining, and are known as the world-standard in clear quartz crystals with a clarity, gemmy quality even nearby mines have been unable to replicate. Avant mines quartz have been featured in museums and private collections. The Black Tourmaline Selenite and Citrine stones are sourced from Rock Paradise, a woman-owned distributor, from suppliers and a cutting factory located in Brazil.