Attune Crystal Set
Attune Crystal Set
Attune Crystal Set

Attune Crystal Set

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Do you feel like you want to see more, understand more and be more intuitive? 

To attune means to become more receptive and aware. This set contains 5 crystals to support the process of attuning to the greater truths of our selves, our lives and our realities. 

Clear quartz guides us to find greater clarity,  selenite supports us in listening to guidance from the universe, and three types of calcite inspire us to expand and increase our inner resources.

  • Clear quartz crystal point from Avant Mining, Arkansas, USA
  • Selenite blade from Morocco
  • Yellow Calcite Crystal from El Paso Mining, Mexico
  • Green Calcite Crystal from El Paso Mining, Mexico
  • Blue Calcite crystal from El Paso Mining, Mexico

Together, quartz, selenite and the three calcites inspire us to ask ourselves:

What more may I see?
What is my relationship with the universe? 
What practices help nourish me and increase my inner resources?
It encourages us to calm ourselves and become still so that we might hear the voices of our intuition.

Size and shapes:
The quartz point is 30-40g. The Selenite blade averages 75g.
Blue calcite averages 40g, Yellow calcite averages 35g, Green calcite averages 30g.
For size, the Selenite blade is 5" long. This kit will arrive in a traveling tube 6" high.

The Quartz crystal is from Avant Mining in Arkansas, USA. The Selenite is from a family-owned mine in Morocco. The Calcites are from El Paso mine in Northwest Mexico. Read more about each partner on our Partners page here.