Join us for this 90-minute breathwork and meditation experience. All are welcome; no prior breathwork experience required.




$5.00-$22.00 per person


About this experience

The very first thing we do in life is inhale, take a breath.
And the very last thing we will do is to exhale, release a breath.

Using the simple and natural act of breathing we can alter our perceptions and explore how we live our lives. This 90-minute meditation includes active breathing, restful meditation and a period for reflection. These techniques allow us to tune into the vast intelligence of our own bodies, the natural world, and our guidance systems.

This session will take place online over Zoom.

Please have a comfortable and safe space where you can lie down fully and not be disturbed for the hour. I recommend bringing a cozy cover-up, eye mask, your journal and some water or tea.

Your Host

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Katy May Spencer has led breathwork experiences for over 5 years. She is a gifted practitioner and mentor who weaves a safe and powerful space for you to explore your edges and come home to yourself.