Meditation: Two Crystals Balancing Technique

Use two crystals of similar size and weight. This method works well with pointed crystals and matched sets, like 2 clear quartz points or a male and female Boji stone set, but it is not a requirement.  

Take a comfortable seated position, spine relaxed and straight, with your head balanced evenly. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. 

Place one crystal in your left hand and one in your right hand. 

The left side of our bodies is the side related to the receptive, feminine aspects of nature and ourselves. Much like the Moon reflects the light of the sun, this side represents how we reflect the influences of the world around us and how we receive. Hold the crystal in this hand with the point facing inward, towards your wrist. 

The right side of our bodies is related to the Sun and how we influence and participate in the world around us. Hold the point of this crystal facing outward, to invoke how we shine our light out to others around us. 

As you sit quietly, visualize light or energy flowing from the crystal in your left hand, up your arm, through your heart and then down your right arm and through the crystal in your right hand out into the world. Feel the turning of energy in your own sphere of influence from left to right, and feel that connection to the turning of the earth, of day and night, of the seasons, and of time. Feel your influence merging with that of the crystals as you use them to observe the flow of energy from left to right, east to west, from dawn to dusk.

To close your meditation, take 3 deep breaths in, holding them at the top of the inhale for a few moments. Thank each of your crystals and place them in a special and safe spot.

How does your body feel after this meditation?