Crystal Spotlight: Kyanite

Kyanite is a striated crystal that can remind us to mediate between the mystical and the mundane.

It asks us to be clear and practical when activating our intuition or speaking our truths, especially those of a spiritual nature.

Kyanite asks us to consider:

▻ What are my spiritual truths?

▻ How do I integrate my spiritual awakening into my everyday life?

▻ How do I activate my higher mental powers?

Kyanite is a useful stone to use when you are seeking expansion of your higher mind and mental capacities.

It assists us in transforming the light of awareness into logical comprehension, helping us to articulate our spiritual understandings and assist us in understanding our personal expansions.

Katrina Raphaell notes that "Kyanite's intent and purpose is to connect the lines of energy from the light body into that causal realm of the etheric mind...Kyanite initiates new powers of manifestation as it rejuvenates the higher powers of mind that have laid dormant for thousands of years. Kyanite is the builder of the very important bridge that will unite the light body to the physical via the mind." (From The Crystalline Transmission, A Synthesis of Light, 1990)

Kyanite partners well with Selenite and Black Tourmaline to awaken our awareness.

While Selenite draws light down into this physical plane and Black Tourmaline draws grounding energy into the planet below our feet, Kyanite serves on the middle plane, to transform that light into awareness in our understanding.

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See large kyanite stones here and palm-sized blades that are great for meditation, body work and display here.

Kyanite is also a great stone to place near your computer or other equipment to shield the electromagnetic frequencies. Coba Crystals Kyanite is from Crystal Mountain, a distributor of Brazilian stones and crystals located in New Zealand.