Coba Crystals

transparently sourced healing crystals and and sustainable palo santo stacked in a beautiful crystal arrangement

Breath + Sound + Crystals



Katy May Spencer has an ineffable grace to her and her work. Her crystal meditations guide you into a deep sense of safety and self-love with her mellifluous voice.
She weaves together her connection to the crystals with breathwork and singing bowls for a truly unique experience that will take your body, mind and spirit into the most heavenly place. 

Vivian R.

Participating in just one of Katy May's breathwork sessions opened a whole new and unexpected portal to my wellness: my voice.

Erin H.

I’ve never been crystal-curious before, but Coba’s products are so obviously high-quality, and Katy May is such a treasure trove of information!
I love that she works directly with the mining families, I feel as though the crystal that now sits by my bedside has a whole history and life of its own to share. Thank you for the crystal introduction!

Marguerite S.
  • Extraordinary Quality

  • Sustainable Sources

  • Real Transparency

Extraordinary Quality

Sustainable Sources

Real Transparency